Ampros at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam

Ampros had the pleasure of participating in the prestigious Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam, held from June 18th to 20th. This exceptional event brought together leading representatives of the maritime industry, providing a space to showcase the latest innovations and technologies in the field…

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Superyacht Cup Palma 2024: Exciting Races with Emphasis on Safety

The Superyacht Cup Palma, the longest-running superyacht regatta in Europe, will take place from June 19 to 22, 2024, in the picturesque Palma Bay in Mallorca. This prestigious event attracts sailing enthusiasts from all over the world each year, offering not only thrilling races but also a unique atmosphere…

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Ampros to Participate in Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2024 in Amsterdam

Ampros is thrilled to announce its participation in the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2024. The event will take place at the RAI Amsterdam convention center from June 18 to 20. This prestigious global exhibition is a key event for the marine industry, showcasing the latest advancements in electric and…

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AMPROS Article Featured in April 2024 Edition of Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine

AMPROS is proud to announce that our Sales Engineer, Kasia Karasińska, has been featured in the latest issue of Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International magazine. In her insightful article titled "Understanding Hydrogeneration", Kasia delves into the feasibility and applications of hydrogeneration…

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SIALIA 57 shines at Monaco Yachting Event

The prestigious Cluster Yachting Monaco Spring Pop-up event at the Yacht Club in Monaco showcased the remarkable SIALIA 57, featuring the advanced AMPROS hybrid propulsion system, Deep Silence once again captivated attendees with its blend of sustainability and luxury. The event, organized by Investor…

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Sailing Beyond Range Anxiety: SIALIA Yachts and AMPROS Hybrid Propulsion Redefine Limits

AMPROS, a pioneering force in hybrid propulsion systems, celebrates yet another milestone as their cutting-edge technology propels the SIALIA 57 yacht on a seamless voyage from Barcelona to the vibrant shores of Cote de Azure in France. This journey not only marks the commencement of the yachting festival…

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Yachting Season Kicks Off with Festivals in Singapore and Palma

As spring arrives, the yachting world is buzzing with excitement as two major festivals signal the start of a busy boating season. This week, the Singapore Yachting Festival and the Palma International Boat Show are drawing enthusiasts from around the globe. AMPROS, a leader in marine electric propulsion…

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Myths About Electric Propulsion in Marine - Debunked!

Electric propulsion in the marine industry is gaining momentum, promising sustainable and efficient alternatives to traditional combustion engines. However, myths and misconceptions about electric propulsion continue to circulate, hindering broader adoption. As a company deeply involved in the advancement…

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AMPROS Joins IEMA in Pioneering Move Towards Zero-Emission Marine Sector

In a significant step towards fostering sustainability within the marine industry, AMPROS proudly announces its membership in the International Electric Marine Association (IEMA). This marks the first industry-backed association dedicated to advocating national and international policies aimed at facilitating…

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Ampros Electric Propulsion powering Sialia 45

We are more than happy to participate in next project of Sialia Yachts. It has been short but intense time for Sialia team from announcement of new model. Today, we're proud to reveal that the beating heart of this remarkable vessel is none other than Ampros sterndrive electric propulsion. Sialia 45…

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Happy Easter!

Easter greetings from AMPROS! May your seas be calm, your batteries charged, and your journey full of electrifying adventures. As spring blossoms around us, may you find joy in the company of family and friends, creating treasured memories that last a lifetime. Let's embrace the spirit of renewal…

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AMPROS at Superyacht Technology Show

AMPROS is currently exhibiting at the Superyacht Technology Show in Barcelona. The event, known for its innovation and advancement in yacht technology, serves as an ideal platform for AMPROS to showcase its latest solutions. At the show, AMPROS is inviting attendees to visit their stand to explore the…

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AMPROS presents: Sterndrive electric propulsion

🚀 Exciting Announcement from AMPROS!  Attention! High-voltage Electric STERNDRIVE propulsion system by AMPROS! Making an electric drive for shaft lines is apparently the simplest solution, but at the same time the most complex in terms of required additional systems and most space-consuming as well. -…

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AMPROS Explores Maritime Innovations at Dubai International Boat Show 2024

AMPROS is making waves at the Dubai International Boat Show 2024. Our CEO Tomasz Gackoski and Sales Engineer Katarzyna Karasińska are currently at the forefront, exploring the latest advancements in maritime technology and establishing connections with industry leaders. The Dubai International Boat…

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Introducing Hydrogeneration

Hydrogeneration: Sustainable Power for Marine Enthusiasts   As the maritime industry steers towards environmentally-conscious practices, hydrogeneration emerges as a promising solution in yacht propulsion. But what exactly is hydrogeneration, and how does it work and revolutionize the sailing experience?   What…

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Barcelona Superyacht Technology Show

Join us at the Barcelona Superyacht Technology Show! Ampros is thrilled to showcase our electric propulsion technology in the vibrant city of Barcelona.As a hub for testing and sea trials, Barcelona holds a special place in our hearts, and now we're ready to demonstrate our capabilities at the Superyacht…

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Electric Boat Market

Electric Boat Market Sets Sail for Sustainable Seas According to the latest insights from market, the global electric boat market is projected to soar to USD 12,552.2 billion by 2032, boasting a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.6%. Where 2023 is at USD 5,54 billion level. We are looking…

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Sustainable Boating – Why Hybrid Yachts

In the era of heightened environmental awareness, the maritime industry is experiencing a transformative shift towards sustainability. One notable advancement in this journey is the rise of hybrid yachts, combining traditional combustion engines with electric propulsion systems. This fusion results in…

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Back from Boot Düsseldorf 2024!

Our journey at Boot Düsseldorf reached its pinnacle as we delved into challenges, explored opportunities, and embraced innovations within the boating and yachting sector. We return with a renewed sense of power and a myriad of ideas to elevate our projects to new heights! The B2Bid event at Boot2024…

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Open Town Hall with AMPROS at Boot 2024

Get ready for the ultimate maritime spectacle as Boot Düsseldorf 2024 sets sail to be the world's largest showcase of yachts and watersports. Taking place in the vibrant city of Düsseldorf, Germany, the event promises a mix of innovation and expertise that's sure to make waves in the industry. A major…

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AMPROS article featured in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International

As we usher in the new year, AMPROS is delighted to announce that our insightful article, "Redundancy in Electrified Propulsion," has been featured in the prestigious January issue of Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International magazine. The article, accessible here, delves into the critical topic…

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SIALIA 57 recognized for innovation

In a significant acknowledgment of innovation and sustainability in the superyacht industry, the SIALIA 57, equipped with the state-of-the-art AMPROS hybrid propulsion system, has earned prestigious recognition as an exemplary superyacht tender. This commendation was featured in a recent article by Superyacht…

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Warm Wishes from AMPROS for a Festive Season!

Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, AMPROS extends heartfelt Sesons' greetings to you and your loved ones! 🎅✨ This holiday season, as you embark on yachting adventures, may the spirit of joy and togetherness fill the sails of your yacht, creating memories that last a lifetime. 🌟 May this…

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Szlachetna Paczka at Ampros

We believe in Santa Claus so much that we became his helpers by joining the Szlachetna Paczka :) Szlachetna Paczka is a nationwide social project which main goal is to provide material and mental help to families and people in difficult life situations. Thanks to the great commitment of our colleagues,…

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Winterizing Your Electric Yacht: Essential Tips for Maintenance

As the winter chill sets in, boat enthusiasts need to ensure their electric yachts are properly cared for to guarantee optimal performance and longevity. Winterizing an electric yacht involves a set of considerations similar to those for electric cars, with a few additional aspects specific to maritime…

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AMPROS Makes Waves Globally in 2023: A Year of Trade Show Triumphs

In a year where the seas of innovation surged, AMPROS, the pioneering force behind electric and hybrid propulsion systems for yachts, made significant waves across the global maritime landscape. As the world increasingly embraces marine electrification, AMPROS found itself in the spotlight, with 2023…

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AMPROS Team Enhances Collaboration and Skills in Recent Integration Event

The AMPROS team recently wrapped up an integration event geared towards enhancing teamwork, communication, and practical planning skills. The focus was on keeping things hands-on and real, making sure the team could apply what they learned. The event started with workshops emphasizing better communication,…

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AMPROS Prepares for a November Packed with Trade Shows - METS Trade in Amsterdam

As Halloween costumes make way for business attire, AMPROS is gearing up for an action-packed November, dominated by participation in two of the most prestigious trade shows on the global stage. Last week, we announced our presence at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show, and now, we're thrilled to…

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AMPROS to Showcase Innovations at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show

We are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Abu Dhabi International Boat Show, scheduled to take place from November 9 to 12, 2023. The event will be held at the prestigious ADNEC Marina, where AMPROS will occupy Stand I-A60 in the Marina Hall. The Abu Dhabi International Boat Show…

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BALTEXPO 2023 witnessed a remarkable showcase of innovation as AMPROS, a leading player in the maritime technology sector, exhibited our groundbreaking solutions from October 10th to 12th.  Attendees at the event were invited to explore AMPROS' dynamic offerings at our stand in the Startup Zone. The…

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AMPROS celebrates a September to remember

We are extremly happy to celebrate a successful September with key appearances at yacht shows. Our presence at the Monaco Yacht Show's Sustainability Hub and support for Sialia Yachts at Cannes Yacht Festival demonstrated our commitment to eco-friendly initiatives and marine industry electrification. During…

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SIALIA: A High-Performance Electric Yacht watch the spectacular video by David Seal

A breathtaking video is making waves in the maritime world, offering a glimpse into the future of yachting. The video, titled "SIALIA - The HIGH PERFORMANCE Electric Yacht," is the creation of the renowned filmmaker David Seal, and it's generating excitement among yacht enthusiasts and eco-conscious…

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AMPROS to Showcase Sustainable Innovations at Monaco Yacht Show

AMPROS, a pioneering name in sustainable marine solutions, is set to make a splash at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, taking place from September 27 to 30, 2023. This year, AMPROS will be a prominent exhibitor at the event's Sustainability Hub, aiming to redefine the future of yachting with eco-friendly…

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Sailing into the Electric Future: A Must-Read Article on Maritime Electrification!

Ampros proudly presents a captivating article that shines a spotlight on the electrification wave sweeping through the maritime domain. Penned by our Product Development Manager Aleksandra Myrcha, the article titled "Addressing Range Anxiety" is now available in the esteemed Electric & Hybrid Marine…

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SIALIA Yachts to Showcase Cutting-edge Innovation with Deep Silence Motor Yacht at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

SIALIA Yachts, a renowned name in the luxury yacht industry, will be taking the stage at the Cannes Yachting Festival with their latest masterpiece, the Deep Silence motor yacht. This groundbreaking vessel is turning heads not only for its opulent design and luxurious amenities but also for its innovative…

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Cruising with Confidence: Mastering Electric Motor Boat Safety this Summer

Ahoy, adventure seekers and water lovers! As the sun reaches its peak and summer waves beckon, the time for on-water escapades is here. With electric motor boats zipping across the waterscape like shooting stars, it's crucial to fuse thrill with safety. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time…

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AMPROS visiting Polboat Yachting Festival in Gdynia

Ampros, a prominent name in the maritime industry, made its presence felt at the renowned Polboat Yachting Festival in Gdynia last week. The company's CEO, Tomasz Gackoski, and Sales Manager, Katarzyna Karasińska, were among the esteemed visitors at the event, engaging in insightful conversations and…

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Introducing the Sialia 59 - the most advanced fully electric yacht range

Sialia Yachts, established in 2017, proudly presents its impressive new fleet of carbon and aluminium electric yachts, harmoniously combining elegance, innovation, and performance. The Sialia 59 range represents a bold step towards redefining sustainability and luxury, building upon the success of the…

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Ampros Engineers Elevate SIALIA 57 Performance

In an exciting development last week, a team of engineers from Ampros, a renowned engineering company specializing in maritime propulsion systems, visited Barcelona to provide software updates and conduct extensive testing on the SIALIA 57 yacht. The project aimed to enhance the vessel's propulsion system…

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AMPROS Expands Operations and Seeks Talent for Multiple Roles

AMPROS is expanding rapidly and currently has multiple open positions. The company is looking to fill various positions, including System Engineers, Embedded Software Engineerss, and Electrical Engineers. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit AMPROS' careers page for more information -  Careers. AMPROS…

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Ampros Shines at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam

The annual Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo held in Amsterdam last week concluded with resounding success. The event, which took place from June 20 to June 22, witnessed an impressive turnout, surpassing the previous year's exhibition. Among the prominent participants was Ampros, a leading provider of marine…

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Ampros Sparks Success at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam

This week Ampros is attending the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo held in Amsterdam. As the event experiences remarkable growth, Ampros has wasted no time in seizing valuable opportunities, engaging in fruitful discussions with potential customers and suppliers after just the first day. The Electric &…

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AMPROS Engineers conduct testing in Barcelona

In a remarkable collaboration, AMPROS Engineers, renowned for their cutting-edge propulsion systems, are visiting the luxurious SIALIA 57 yacht docked in Barcelona for an intensive testing session. This partnership aims to leverage the yacht's advanced capabilities and facilitate continuous improvements…

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Ampros Lab Charges Ahead: Testing New Propulsion System Features with High-Voltage Battery

Ampros has achieved a major milestone in their ongoing testing efforts. Engineers at the Ampros laboratory have successfully conducted tests on the new charging features of their propulsion system, utilizing a high-voltage battery that is now available within their facilities. The primary objective…

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Ampros exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe

AMPROS, a leading provider of advanced marine propulsion systems, has announced its participation in the highly anticipated Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe, scheduled to take place from 20th to 22nd June 2023 in Amsterdam. The expo, a premier international event in the maritime industry, will bring…

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AMPROS Conducts Essential Fire Training for Employees

In an effort to enhance safety measures and ensure the well-being of its employees, AMPROS, a leading supplier of electric and hybrid propulsion systems, recently conducted a comprehensive fire training program at its facilities. The training aimed to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge…

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Watch the first promotional video of Sialia 57

Exciting News Alert!  We are thrilled to share an extraordinary promotional video featuring the SIALIA 57, the luxurious weekender yacht powered by the cutting-edge AMPROS hybrid propulsion system!  Witness the perfect blend of opulence and sustainability as AMPROS revolutionizes the yachting industry…

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The highly anticipated debut of the SIALIA 57 powered by Ampros electric propulsion system, was a resounding success at the recent Palma International Boat Show (PIBS) held between the 27th and 30th of April in Port Vell in Palma.  SIALIA 57 is a luxurious and eco-friendly weekender yacht that showcases…

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Fully Electric Sialia 57 to Make Her Worldwide Debut at the Palma International Boat Show

SIALIA 57, a highly advanced and revolutionary  yacht built by Sialia Yachts with a fully electric propulsion system developed by AMPROS, is set to make her debut at the 2023 Palma International Boat Show. The exhibition, which takes place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, from April 27 to 30, is one of the…

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AMPROS Expands Its Presence In The Middle East And Participates In DIBS 2023

The Dubai International Boat Show 2023 was a resounding success, attracting a vast array of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. The event, which took place from 1st to 5th March, showcased the latest innovations and trends in the marine industry. The show was divided into four main tracks…

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Ampros To Wrap Up Participation In The Miami International Boat Show

For the first time ever, Poland has showcased Polish boating industry at the prestigious Miami International Boat Show, with a national stand organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). One of the companies taking part in the event was AMPROS, a leading provider of electric propulsion…

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Sialia — on water for sea trials

After few years of work we placed our demonstrator on water for "technical" sea trials. As purpose for this step was to very our propulsion system, boat was on water without final glazing and equipment – but fully capable of navigation and with entire propulsion system installed. Boat was around 2 weeks…

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