Polboat Yachting Festival

Polboat Yachting Festival

The Polboat Yachting Festival, taking place at Marina Yacht Park in Gdynia next week from July 18-21, is Poland's most important yachting and sailing event. In addition to showcasing beautiful yachts of both Polish and international manufacture, it also provides an opportunity to discover equipment innovations and establish industry contacts.

Ampros, with CEO Tomasz Gackoski and Sales Engineer Katarzyna Karasińska, who are great sailing and yachting enthusiast, will not miss such an opportunity and will be attending the event as visitors, actively engaging in meetings with participants.

"Even though we don't have an official booth, the Polboat Yachting Festival is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the industry, exchange ideas, and build business relationships", said CEO Tomasz Gackoski. "We value the contacts we make during this event, which is why we make sure to attend every year".

Ampros sees great potential for collaboration and opportunities to supply their electric and hybrid propulsion systems among the exhibitors of this year’s edition of the Polboat Yachting Festival. Sales Engineer Katarzyna Karasińska emphasized, "It's amazing to see the level of innovation and engagement in the Polish maritime industry. By participating in this event, we will gain valuable insights that will undoubtedly drive our efforts in delivering the best solutions to our clients".

We invite everyone interested in meeting in person at Marina Yacht Park in Gdynia to get in touch. We are eager to discuss market trends and innovative electric propulsion systems.

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