The Energy Boat Challenge at Yacht Club de Monaco is just around the corner, and the excitement is palpable!

The Energy Boat Challenge at Yacht Club de Monaco is just around the corner, and the excitement is palpable!

From July 1-6, 2024, the prestigious Energy Boat Challenge will take place. This unique event, held annually in Monaco, attracts the best crews from around the world who compete in innovative vessels powered by renewable energy. 

The Energy Boat Challenge is an international race organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco, promoting sustainable development in water sports. Participants use eco-friendly technologies, such as electric drives, fuel cells, and solar panels, to showcase the future of zero-emission sailing. This event is not just a race but also a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences among engineers, scientists, and enthusiasts of ecological solutions. 

This year, the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco has extended a special invitation to Sialia Yachts to showcase Sialia 57 Deep Silence and her prowess in sustainable boating to compete in Open Sea Class. Sialia 57 is of the most technologically advanced yachts participating in the competition. Equipped with modern propulsion systems 2x 400 kW and innovative Ship Management System software, it is an excellent example of how technology can support sustainable development. Thanks to these advancements, this yacht can achieve high speeds with minimal environmental impact. 

During the competition, participants will have the opportunity to compete in various events, such as speed races, manoeuvring challenges, and range tests. Each of these events requires not only sailing skills but also innovative technical solutions that allow for the best performance with the least energy consumption. As the competition heats up, so do the emotions on board. Captains and crew members alike are driven by the thrill of the challenge and the desire to pioneer new ways of navigating our oceans sustainably. The Energy Boat Challenge isn't just a race; it's a platform where ideas converge, innovations spark, and dreams set sail. 

In addition to the races, the event will feature engaging workshops and panel discussions with industry leaders, allowing attendees to dive deeper into the latest advancements in sustainable maritime technology. Spectators can also explore an exhibition of the latest eco-friendly marine equipment and solutions, providing a hands-on experience with the future of boating. 

Stay tuned as Tomasz Gackoski, Ampros CEO, as a crew member on board Sialia 57 Deep Silence, and other contenders harness the power of nature and technology, proving that sustainable boating isn't just a concept—it's a reality shaping the future of maritime adventures. 

Follow the competition and cheer them on! 🙌 

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