SIALIA 57 recognized for innovation

SIALIA 57 recognized for innovation

In a significant acknowledgment of innovation and sustainability in the superyacht industry, the SIALIA 57, equipped with the state-of-the-art AMPROS hybrid propulsion system, has earned prestigious recognition as an exemplary superyacht tender. This commendation was featured in a recent article by Superyacht Times titled "Tender Spotlight" - read the whole article here

The inclusion of SIALIA 57 among the spotlighted tenders is a testament to its remarkable contribution to the evolving landscape of luxury yachting. As AMPROS, the driving force behind the advanced hybrid propulsion system integrated into the SIALIA 57, we are extremly proud with having a significant contribution in this achievement.

Superyacht Times highlighted the exceptional performance of the SIALIA 57, emphasizing its ability to deliver a smooth and powerful cruising experience while significantly reducing environmental impact. The recognition also underlines the importance of sustainable innovation within the maritime sector. Just as a reminder, SIALIA 57 propulsion system offers 800 kW motor power, accelarates to 20 knots in 7 seconds and achieves max speed of 25 knots!

AMPROS is particularly proud that the SIALIA 57 was mentioned among prestigious examples in the tender spotlight. This acknowledgement reinforces the commitment of both AMPROS and SIALIA 57 to not only meet but exceed the standards of luxury yachting, integrating cutting-edge technology without compromising on environmental responsibility and, most importantly users' comfort. 

As the superyacht industry continues to evolve, the recognition of SIALIA 57 as an innovative and sustainable superyacht tender sets a new benchmark. The partnership between AMPROS and Sialia Yachts reflects a shared vision for a more environmentally conscious future in luxury yachting, where innovation and prestige seamlessly coexist.

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