AMPROS visiting Polboat Yachting Festival in Gdynia

AMPROS visiting Polboat Yachting Festival in Gdynia

Ampros, a prominent name in the maritime industry, made its presence felt at the renowned Polboat Yachting Festival in Gdynia last week. The company's CEO, Tomasz Gackoski, and Sales Manager, Katarzyna Karasińska, were among the esteemed visitors at the event, engaging in insightful conversations and fostering valuable connections.

The Polboat Yachting Festival, known for attracting key players in the yachting and boating world, provided an excellent platform for Ampros to immerse themselves in the latest industry trends and network with industry peers. Despite not having a dedicated booth this time, the representatives of Ampros skillfully navigated through the event and seized every opportunity to make meaningful connections.

As influential figures within Ampros, Gackoski and Karasińska captivated festival attendees with their extensive knowledge and passion for the maritime industry. Their presence sparked interest and curiosity among potential clients and collaborators, opening doors for future partnerships.

"We might not have had an official platform this year, but the Polboat Yachting Festival was a fantastic opportunity for us to explore the industry landscape, exchange ideas, and build bridges with other key players," said CEO Tomasz Gackoski. "We value the connections we made during the event and look forward to potential collaborations in the future."

Sales Manager Katarzyna Karasińska added, "It's incredible to witness the level of innovation and dedication within the yachting community. As visitors, we were able to gain valuable insights that will undoubtedly drive our efforts to deliver top-notch solutions to our clients."

Ampros' presence at the festival, even as visitors, speaks volumes about the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments and nurturing relationships with industry stakeholders. As the festival concluded, Ampros reflected on the positive experience and is enthusiastic about participating as exhibitors in future editions of the Polboat Yachting Festival, bringing their latest products and innovations to the forefront.

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