SIALIA 57 shines at Monaco Yachting Event

SIALIA 57 shines at Monaco Yachting Event

The prestigious Cluster Yachting Monaco Spring Pop-up event at the Yacht Club in Monaco showcased the remarkable SIALIA 57, featuring the advanced AMPROS hybrid propulsion system, Deep Silence once again captivated attendees with its blend of sustainability and luxury.

The event, organized by Investor Media Monaco and Sialia Yachts, drew a significant crowd of yacht enthusiasts, industry leaders, and environmental advocates. Monaco, renowned for its commitment to promoting sustainable solutions, provided the perfect backdrop for displaying the eco-friendly SIALIA 57.

"Our team was very busy as the interest was high", remarked a representative from Sialia Yachts. "Monaco is known for promoting sustainable solutions, so our yacht and brand fit perfectly into Monaco's mission and vision".

The SIALIA 57, equipped with the AMPROS hybrid propulsion system, underscores the yachting industry's shift towards greener technologies. This innovative system combines electric and conventional propulsion, offering a silent and efficient sailing experience while reducing emissions, aligning with the global push for more sustainable marine solutions.

Guests at the event were impressed by the yacht's performance and design. "Our commitment to sustainability and luxury was on full display, captivating guests at Port Hercules", the representative added. The success of the event highlighted the growing interest in hybrid yachts and the importance of exclusive, top-notch initiatives in advancing sustainable maritime travel.

The Cluster Yachting Monaco Spring Pop-up has set a new standard for yachting events, emphasizing innovation and environmental responsibility. As the industry continues to evolve, the SIALIA 57 and similar projects are paving the way for a greener future on the high seas.

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