Sailing Beyond Range Anxiety: SIALIA Yachts and AMPROS Hybrid Propulsion Redefine Limits

Sailing Beyond Range Anxiety: SIALIA Yachts and AMPROS Hybrid Propulsion Redefine Limits

AMPROS, a pioneering force in hybrid propulsion systems, celebrates yet another milestone as their cutting-edge technology propels the SIALIA 57 yacht on a seamless voyage from Barcelona to the vibrant shores of Cote de Azure in France. This journey not only marks the commencement of the yachting festival season but also underscores the reliability and efficiency of AMPROS' eco-friendly propulsion solutions.

Setting Sail with Sustainable Power:

Embarking on its journey from Barcelona, SIALIA 57, powered by the innovative AMPROS hybrid propulsion system, gracefully traversed the Mediterranean waters towards Cote de Azure, covering an approximate distance of 260 nautical miles at an impressive average speed of 16 knots. This voyage not only demonstrated the seamless integration of conventional and electric power sources but also showcased the remarkable performance and autonomy of SIALIA 57, Deep Silence. This performance is granted by the propulsion system features – boasting 256 kWh of batteries, 2 electric motors capable of providing 400 kW of continuous power each, and a variable speed range extender offering up to 400 kW of power.

Looking Ahead:

As the yachting world sets its gaze on the future, AMPROS is already charting the course for its next innovation. The forthcoming fully electric & hybrid propulsion systems combined with sterndrives for SIALIA 45 promise even greater performance benchmarks. Anticipating a top speed exceeding 44 knots this next-generation system is poised to redefine efficiency and power standards in the luxury yachting sector. Moreover, with advancements in battery technology, the propulsion systems for SIALIA 45 yachts are set to offer between 300 – 700 kWh of capacity, accompanied by sterndrives powered by electric motors ranging from 150 to 300 kW. 

Additionally, the option for a variable speed Range Extender, with a max power of approximately 140 kW, and 500kWh battery ensures versatility and reliability for journeys spanning destinations such as Florida to Bahamas or Barcelona to Mallorca with cruising speed up to 25knots both ways!


The successful voyage of SIALIA 57 from Barcelona to Cote de Azure stands as a testament to the reliability and performance of AMPROS' hybrid propulsion technology. As the yachting industry embraces sustainable practices, AMPROS continues to lead the charge towards a greener, more efficient future on the seas. With the advent of the next-generation hybrid system for SIALIA 45, AMPROS reaffirms its dedication to innovation, performance, and environmental stewardship in maritime propulsion.

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