Introducing the Sialia 59 - the most advanced fully electric yacht range

Introducing the Sialia 59 - the most advanced fully electric yacht range

Sialia Yachts, established in 2017, proudly presents its impressive new fleet of carbon and aluminium electric yachts, harmoniously combining elegance, innovation, and performance.

The Sialia 59 range represents a bold step towards redefining sustainability and luxury, building upon the success of the highly sought-after Sialia 57 model. With added volume, customizable designs, and luxurious finishes, these yachts exemplify the company's commitment to continuous improvement.

Ivo Hagemans, the Sales and Marketing Director at Sialia, expresses the company's vision eloquently: "At Sialia Yachts, our mission is to craft masterpieces that seamlessly merge exceptional naval architecture with groundbreaking electric propulsion technology.

Embracing the future of yachting and its transformative solutions is at the heart of Sialia's philosophy. The growing enthusiasm among customers for eco-friendly yachts, without compromising on performance or luxury, is a testament to the Sialia 59's pioneering role in the exclusive, sustainable, fully electric motor yacht sector."

The Sialia 59 range stands out with its cutting-edge propulsion system, powered by Sialia's proprietary AMPROS technology, scalable up to an impressive 6MW. As a result, these high-performance yachts deliver an unparalleled electric yachting experience, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the luxury boating industry.

Within the carbon collection, discerning customers can choose from the Weekender, Runabout, and Sport models. Each 18-meter masterpiece is entirely constructed of carbon fiber, providing an ultralight yet robust and durable structure. The range offers unrivaled customization options, ensuring that every yacht is tailored to individual preferences, reflecting the unique personality of its owner.

The aluminium collection, named The Sialia 59 Volantis, features the Tender and Commuter models. With a cruising speed of 18 knots and a maximum speed exceeding 25 knots, this range brilliantly combines Sialia's advanced propulsion technology and naval architecture with sustainable manufacturing practices, further cementing their commitment to environmentally conscious luxury yachting.

For those intrigued by these exceptional yachts, we extend an invitation to delve deeper into the details by reading the linked article or by visiting Sialia Yacht's website, where the essence of luxury and sustainability seamlessly coexist.

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