AMPROS presents: Sterndrive electric propulsion

AMPROS presents: Sterndrive electric propulsion

πŸš€ Exciting Announcement from AMPROS! 

Attention! High-voltage Electric STERNDRIVE propulsion system by AMPROS!

Making an electric drive for shaft lines is apparently the simplest solution, but at the same time the most complex in terms of required additional systems and most space-consuming as well.

- Yes, we want an electric drive, but with sterndrive. - this is the most common feedback from our clients. And here it is.

Fast and smooth ride.
Brilliant manoeuvring capabilities.
Whisper quiet operation. πŸ’š
Surrounding fresh air and breeze smell. πŸ’š
Extremely fun to operate.
Easy installation and maintenance.
More space on yacht.

Key Features:
πŸ”‹ High-Efficiency Electric Propulsion: Powered by cutting-edge technology, our systems ensure maximum efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.
❄️ Liquid-Cooled Components: Designed for optimal performance, all components operate at nominal high-voltage DC, guaranteeing smooth and reliable operation.
πŸ’ͺ Powerful Performance: Our systems deliver robust performance tailored to meet the demands of medium and large-sized yachts.
⚑️ Versatile Battery Options: Battery capacities offer flexibility to suit different cruising needs.
🌱 Sustainable Hybrid Option: Embrace sustainability without compromising on range. Our systems can be configured as purely electric or as hybrids with range extenders, ensuring versatility and eco-friendliness.

βš“οΈAmpros Electric Sterndrive Propulsion Systems offer an unparalleled combination of efficiency and eco-conscious performance, setting a new standard for yacht propulsion.βš“οΈ

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