Behind the Scenes with Sialia Yachts: Episode 1 - Founders

Behind the Scenes with Sialia Yachts: Episode 1 - Founders

In an industry where luxury meets cutting-edge technology, Sialia Yachts stands out with its innovative approach to modern yachting. The newly released video series "Sialia Yachts: Behind the Scenes" offers a unique glimpse into the inner workings of this exceptional company. The first episode, titled "Founders," introduces us to the visionary minds behind the brand: Stanislav Szadkowski and Tomasz Gackoski.

The episode opens with the founders sharing their journey and inspirations that led them to establish Sialia Yachts. With backgrounds in e-mobility and a shared passion for modern technology, Szadkowski and Gackoski decided to combine their strengths to create something extraordinary in the luxury yacht market. Their personal stories add depth to the narrative, highlighting their commitment to innovation and excellence.

"I decided to bring my e-mobility experience (...) into solution for pleasure marine and build a non-compromising yacht," said Stanislav Szadkowski. And with Tomasz, they just did it. Now the Sialia 57 Deep Silence is the only luxury yacht in the world with such range, speed, and pure electric propulsion.

A key highlight of the episode is the introduction of the Sialia 57, a 57-foot electric yacht renowned for its long range, safety, and ease of operation. The yacht's advanced propulsion system, provided by Ampros, sets it apart in the industry. This state-of-the-art technology underscores Sialia Yachts' dedication to creating not just luxurious, but also environmentally friendly vessels.

The video also emphasizes the core values of Sialia Yachts: innovation, quality, and attention to detail. The founders stress that their mission is to craft unforgettable experiences for their clients. Their commitment to sustainable development and environment is a recurring theme, reflecting a balance between luxury and ecology that resonates with today's conscientious consumers.

The first episode of "Sialia Yachts: Behind the Scenes" is both informative and inspiring, effectively combining elements of history, technology, and the core values driving the company. The series promises to delve deeper into the world of high-tech luxury yachting, offering more fascinating insights into Sialia Yachts' operations and future projects.

As we await the release of subsequent episodes, this series stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of the people behind Sialia Yachts. It is a must-watch for those cruising enthusiasts who are interested in modern technologies and sustainable development. The blend of innovation and luxury showcased in this series sets a new standard in the yachting industry, highlighting the remarkable achievements of Sialia Yachts and its visionary founders.

Link to the film: Sialia Yachts - Behind the Scenes

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